Best Multimeter for Engineers and Technicians in 2022

A multimeter is an essential device for measuring electrical values. The diagnostic tool measures voltage, resistance and current. A multimeter comprises a voltmeter to calculate the voltage. It has an ammeter to examine current and an ammeter to calculate resistance. Digital and analogue are two main types of multimeters. It is an essential device for engineers, technicians and electricians. Multimer finds extensive usage in examining the conductors. It helps in calculating the continuity of circuits and socket voltage. It also helps in troubleshooting electrical parts and devices.

Here are the details of the five multimeters of top-notch quality –

Tacklife DM01M Digital Multimeter


Tacklife DM01M Digital Multimeter is best for measuring diode testing, temperature, frequency and power.  It also finds good use for continuity testing and capacitance measurement. NCV and Live tests are two promising features of the multimeter.


Poster VC99 Digital Multimeter


It is one of the most inexpensive and quality multimeters available out there. The multimeter measures AC or DC voltage and current. It is also an excellent tool for temperature calculation.  It has excellent specifications such as battery voltage sign and data hold function. The brand also provides overload safety on all ranges. It comes with integrated safety features for hands-free use. You get 2pcs of 1.5V AAA batteries, and a pair of test leads with this multimeter. It also presents a K-type temperature probe.


Laser 5990 Digital Automotive Multimeter


Laser 5990 is a battery-powered tool for measuring AC and DC currents. It calculates continuity, resistance, and diodes with great ease. It has unique features such as a data hold function, low battery indications and is the best option for frequency measurement.


Excel XL830L Digital Multimeter


Excel XL830L is a reliable multimeter for calculating AC and DC voltage. It is an effective tool for measuring resistance, transitory, DC, and diode.  It comes with an LCD which makes it even more promising. You can get all the readings on-screen, which makes its uses easier. It is a practical tool suitable for all circuit boards.


Draper 41821 Automotive Digital Multimeter

Draper 41821 is an excellent multimeter which comes with test leads.  This multimeter by Draper has a metric measurement type.  It has a temperature probe with a backlit LED screen. It has excellent specifications- data hold function, auto power off and continuity buzzer. It is an automatic and manual multimeter that can measure current, voltage, diode and resistance.  It is also a good option for continuity testing.

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