10 Best Oscilloscope Brands

In this blog, we will be shining the spotlight on what we believe to be the very best oscilloscope brands on the market today. All of the items that you will see in the list below can be bought right now courtesy of the distributors that we work with here at OEM Secrets. But what makes them so special? Well, we will be explaining:


  • How each of these items appears visually
  • What the standout features of each of these products are
  • How the item performs in line with industry expectations
  • The most significant pros and cons to look out for
  • How our customers feel about each of the products


However, it makes sense to start by explaining what oscilloscopes do before we delve into what the best examples of this product range are. Therefore, let’s start our article on the best oscilloscope brands right now!


What is an oscilloscope?

So, an oscilloscope has a variety of names, such as an oscillograph and an o-scope. It acts as a form of electronical text to provide a graphical display for a variety of signal voltages. This generally occurs in the form of a calibration of two-dimensional signals to demonstrate the function of time. Furthermore, this waveform display allows users to focus upon core elements of the signals, amongst them being the amplitude, rise time, frequency, distortion, time interval and many more. But what are the best oscilloscope brands? Let us check them out right now!


  1. GOS-620

We will open this article by discussing the GOS-620 oscilloscope, a product that has been developed by GW Instek. This item contains two scope channels, as well as having a bandwidth of 20MHz. The GOS-620 also has a calculated rise time of 17.5ns, as well as having a CRT scope display. The item contains what is known as an OSC GOS-620 One 20MHz GTP-020A-4 Passive Probe for each of its two scope channels. Now, the product doesn’t have an SHVC, but the oscilloscope is compliant with RoHS regulations. The only downside is that, as this is an older item, availability is somewhat scarce right now, but you can still find out how to get your hands on the GOS-620 oscilloscope by getting in touch with OEM Secrets today.


  1. GOS-6103

It’s understandable that you may wish to keep your options when it comes to finding the best oscilloscope possible for your business. With that in mind, then, let us now shine the spotlight on the GOS-6103, an oscilloscope that also comes courtesy of GW Instek. This product also has two scope channels, but the crucial point is that it has a far greater bandwidth of 100MHz. Now, it does have a lower calculated rise time of 3ns, though it also has a CRT scope display. Note that this has a US plug type, which is worth bearing in mind prior to using the oscilloscope. It has an input impedance of 1Mohm, though it hasn’t been officially tested for RoHS regulations. And should you get your hands on the GOS-6103, the typical price comes in at around £147.00.


  1. 2120C

In case you still wish to look elsewhere, though, then we want to give a special mention to the 2120C oscilloscope. This product has been developed by B&K Precision, and once again it contains two scope channels. As with the GOS-620, the 2120C oscilloscope has a maximum bandwidth of 30MHz. Again, the calculated rise time comes in at approximately 12ns, and once more, the item has a CRT scope display. Meanwhile, there is one PR.33A probe for each of the two scope channels that this product boasts. Unlike the GOS-6103, the 2120C has been tested for RoHS compliance and thus passes all health and safety measures. Last but not least, the 2120C is available from OEM Secrets right now courtesy of our distributors, with the lowest price being £483.33 when buying this oscilloscope via Arrow Electronics.


  1. 2121C

Another example of a high-performance oscilloscope is the 2121C, and this also comes from B&K Precision. It’s worth noting, though, that it does share a lot of similar traits with the aforementioned 2120C. For instance, the 2121C has two scope channels, it has a maximum bandwidth of 30MHz, and its calculated rise time comes in at 12ns. The CRT scope display type comes into play again, and again there is one PR.33A probe apiece for all of the two scope channels. This is an RoHS compliant product as well. And because it is newer and performs to a higher standard, it’s understandable that the price increases accordingly, with this being purchasable from OEM Secrets today at £528.90 when making a buy via Allied Electronics & Automation.


  1. 2160C

To close out this article, we are going to shine the spotlight on the 2160C, and this is one more oscilloscope that comes courtesy of B&K Precision. As with all of the examples listed here, there are two scope channels, but it’s worth noting that the 2160C has a maximum bandwidth of 60MHz. Not unlike the other oscilloscopes featured here, the calculated rise time is 12ns and there is a CRT scope display type. There is a PR.33A probe for each of the two scope channels, and it ticks the box of being RoHS compliance as well. Now, the price points for the 2160C vary greatly, but the best option right now is to buy £64.96 when buying it via Newark Electronics from our range of stock here at OEM Secrets.


And so there you have it! These are the very best oscilloscope brands that we can recommend for you here at OEM Secrets, with various examples as to what the leading oscilloscope products themselves are. But rest assured that we have much more to say about these oscilloscopes as well as all of the other oscilloscope brands that we have amongst our line of stock right now. As a result, if you do want to learn more about these items, make sure to visit